What the people who use Singing Made Easy have to say about it:


Singing Made Easy provides children with a fun, effective and structured approach to vocal education. Students love “graduating” from Level to Level as they watch their singing improve.”
– Oona McOuat (British Columbia, Canada)

“I have been using Singing Made Easy, all levels, for the past six years and I have found that the singing students I work with have responded very well. Each student grows in ability and enjoys the songs included in the program.”
– Joanne Ikeda (Children’s World School, Indiana)

Singing Made Easy is the best! Having used the material extensively while running a preschool with children 3-6 years old, I am convinced that nowhere is there a better program for serious vocal development. As a Kindermusik teacher, I was exposed to numerous early childhood music programs, all of which have merit, but for teaching children a structured, graded, enjoyable vocal repertoire with consistency and accuracy, Singing Made Easy wins the prize. Useful for groups or individuals, this truly “Suzuki” approach to teaching singing had my kids mastering dozens of songs, some quite complex and in two and three part harmonies, in short order. The format is superb, the teaching hints are useful and the tapes crystal clear. The results are unbeatable.”
– Andrew Pudewa (Director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing)


Students and Parents

“I have enjoyed the Singing Made Easy books and tapes and I know they have helped my voice to improve. I know I sing on pitch a lot better now and I’m getting close to the end of Level V. I can memorize the songs and I’m not afraid of performing for people. I’m 11 years old and I’ve already decided that I want to be a singer.”
– Katie Burns


“When I first began singing lessons at ten years of age I couldn’t carry a harmony part. My teacher used the Singing Made Easy materials with me and I finally learned to sing the descant to “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” after trying very hard for many months. Because of the experiences I had in singing harmony parts, I sang alto in the high school girls’ choir. I am now a freshman in college, helping other choir members with their parts.”
– Kristin Clark (Spokane, WA)



“The Singing Made Easy materials by Marcia McCarry have helped my seven year old daughter, Mary, to refine and develop her natural singing ability while having a lot of fun. After she memorizes her songs she enjoys performing them for others.”
– Karen Makris (Emigrant, MT)


“Marcia McCarry’s Singing Made Easy packets are a delight. Children love the coloring pages and the tape teaches them the songs while it helps train their voices.”
РRhea Parsons (Lamoureux Violins, Longmont, CO)

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