Cover of Singing Made Easy Level I

Singing Made Easy – Level I

Early Childhood, Early beginners

(suggested age range 2+)

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CD, book and coloring sheets – $19.95

Cover of Singing Made Easy Level II

Singing Made Easy – Level II

Early childhood, slightly more difficult

(ages 4+)

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CD, book and coloring sheets – $19.95

Cover of Singing Made Easy Level III

Singing Made Easy – Level III

Intermediate, includes more part singing

(ages 6+)

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CD, book and coloring sheets – $19.95

Cover of Singing Made Easy Level IV

Singing Made Easy – Level IV

Intermediate, slightly more difficult

(ages  8+)

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CD and book – $19.95

Cover of Singing Made Easy Level V

Singing Made Easy Level – V

Upper Intermediate, more advanced

(age 11+)

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CD and book – $19.95

Piano Accompaniment Books

Level I


Level II


Level III


Level IV


The Friendly Music Staff

Anyone can learn to read music with The Friendly Music Staff!
Words and music of the clever jingle make learning fast, fun, and easy!

Separate audio tracks build upon each other until almost without realizing it, you’ve memorized the lines and spaces of the music staff. The final track provides a sing-along instrumental version of all verses.

Composed by Marcia McCarry and Dean Anderson of Singing Made EasyThe Friendly Music Staff will revolutionize the way children learn to read music.  Available as MP3 audio files you can download instantly after your purchase. (CD has been discontinued.)

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Instant Digital Download (MP3s) – $5.00

Love of Singing: Vocal Exercises Digital Package

The Love of Singing e-book provides twelve easy lessons from professional voice coach Marcia McCarry, including such topics as Exercises for Good Posture and Relaxation, Breathing Exercises, Vocal Warmup Exercises, Singing Technique, and more.

The Vocal Warmup Exercises audio download is 18 minutes in length. It includes exercises for the beginner as well as some for more advanced students, designed to be used as preparation before practicing or performing. This audio download is especially helpful for choir members who want a quick and easy warm-up before rehearsals. It is recommended for students in Singing Made Easy Level III and higher. (CD has been discontinued.)

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Instant Digital Download (MP3s and E-book) – $7.95

Christmas Carols Made Easy

Christmas Carols Made Easy

Christmas Carols Made Easy is a unique collection of international Christmas songs, selected for their charm and effective teaching points. The set includes MP3s, a PDF e-book with teaching points, and coloring sheets. The songs are sung by Marcia McCarry and orchestrated by Dean Anderson. Included are songs in German, French, and Spanish, and several songs in two parts.

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Instant Digital Download (MP3s and PDF) – $19.95

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