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The Love of Singing e-book provides twelve easy lessons from professional voice coach Marcia McCarry, including such topics as Exercises for Good Posture and Relaxation, Breathing Exercises, Vocal Warmup Exercises, Singing Technique, and more.

The Vocal Warmup Exercises audio download is 18 minutes in length. It includes exercises for the beginner as well as some for more advanced students, designed to be used as preparation before practicing or performing. This audio download is especially helpful for choir members who want a quick and easy warm-up before rehearsals. It is recommended for students in Singing Made Easy Level III and higher.


“As a beginning performer, I found that your little book and the Vocal Warm-Up CD has helped me to understand and accomplish things I never thought I could do. I’m glad you took the time to write it.”
–Maria Crosby, singer, Livingston, MT

“For a short warm up for my voice, the CD you created is perfect—not too long, not too short. I made two copies, one for the house and one for the car, and I use it right before I need to perform.”
–Terry Scott, voice student, Orlando, FL

“I found the Warm-Up CD very valuable to use on my way to my choir rehearsals. I carry it with me wherever I go. Thank you!”
–Emily Coleman, choir member, Emigrant, MT

“I recommend your Warm-Up CD to all of my Kindermusik teachers. They find it helpful to use it before they teach a class.”
— Mary Rudy, Kindermusik Instructor, Bozeman, MT

“I wish I had had this CD to warm up my voice just before I tried out for the musical in my city.”
— Darlene Everley, Iowa


It is with great pleasure that I greet YOU, a singing enthusiast, and I appreciate having this opportunity to share with you how much I love to teach singing. Since music is an international language, people all over the world are fortunate to enjoy the same music, but they sing in many different languages and in a variety of styles. These differences make teaching quite thrilling as well as very challenging at times.

Teachers are always looking for the best and most expedient ways to teach their students the “how to” aspects of a subject. Often we discover the things that work the best and then we feel anxious to share them with other singers. This is the reason I wrote this book—to share my understanding of the voice with you in twelve very basic lessons.

Although we are all very different, we find that our issues are much the same. Every singer needs to use good posture and proper breathing techniques, clear articulation, and know how to “warm up” the voice in ways that will keep it healthy even with a rigorous schedule. Every singer wants to be able to memorize a song well and know how to express it through the lyrics in a very personal and individual way in any language.

Whether it’s being a member of a choir, singing as a soloist, or merely singing for fun in the shower, we all enjoy our voices more when we can make our favorite music sound good. Our listeners are probably not looking for a carbon copy of one of our famous singing predecessors, but would doubtless enjoy a more original and unique sound that is personal to each of us. That is one of the best reasons why singers continue striving to develop their voices to the highest potential.

Over the years I have noticed that many singers suffer from lack self-confidence. Being thoroughly prepared for each performance is the first key to success. I would especially like to help you with this issue as you read through my book, “Love of Singing”. Sometimes it helps to think of things in a little different way or try a new idea for the first time. Your own love of singing will increase as you continue to have rewarding experiences in memorable performances.

The greatest goals I have for you include being able to improve your own vocal tone quality, widening your range, and feeling more confident about yourself. Every singer wants to gain control the voice in order to present more predictable performances. No surprises on stage when you’re experiencing even the slightest pressure! Hopefully, this book will give you some helpful tips on ways to “warm up” your voice, use better control of your breath support, and help you to be assured of your preparation for the delivery of your song. Last, but not least, I have included some important keys to relaxation to use before your performance.
Are you ready to get started? Let’s do it!


Facts you should know:

  • There are all types of voices: high, low, loud, soft, amateur and professional.
  • Whatever voice type you have, you can use it right now to the best of your ability.
  • The human voice used in a natural way is beautiful.
  • When misused, it can sound strained, flat or hoarse.
  • Never force your voice if you want to keep it healthy.
  • Overcome nervousness and the audience will be at ease.
  • Deliver the message of the song in an exciting way, and just watch the enthusiasm of the audience.
  • Delight in performing music you love; the audience will be eager to hear you again and again.

Singing is fun when:

  • You know the lyrics well
  • You know you’re on the right pitch
  • There are no problems with breathing, diction, or foreign languages
  • The song is in a comfortable range
  • You sing with others who also love to sing
  • You use your voice in a natural way

Almost everyone can learn how to sing. Perhaps you have never had any singing lessons, but don’t let that concern you for a moment. The good news is that the human voice in most cases is a very fine instrument, with or without training.

The truth is this: you have something exciting and worthwhile to offer already! I sincerely hope you will profit by delving into this material.


Marcia McCarry, Voice Coach

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